Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tanpa Batas "Fuck You And Your Tough Guy Attitude"

One of the locals here. Tanpa Batas, is a really kick ass band with quite awesome statement to yell and point out back then. Statement such as "2nd class hardcore", "Hardcore isn't just a patches on you bag" etc etc and this one.."Fuck you and your tough guy attitude". too bad the band now is taking a rest from every kind of activities. two of their members (the vocalist and guitarist )formed a band called Fed Up With Lies, plays 80's hardcore type in the veins of SSD, Cut The Shit...but the new band, the guitarist switched to bass while the vocalist switched to drums. he also plays drum on Hellowar.

front design

back design
"Fuck You And Your Tough Guy Attitude"

Hellowar "2"

Hellowar, jakarta's finest Crusty d-beat metal band. the artwork was done by Ken Terror.
silver ink huge print fun! quite worth to have...sold out already though

Converge "The Poacher Diaries"

Another Converge t-shirt. the design was done by Derek Hess (thanks for the info G). awesome artwork for the t-shirt which also the design for the album cover.

back design
"The Poacher Diaries"

Converge "Everybody, Everyone, Everywhere Pays Her Price"

this is the sickest Converge tshirt that i own, J Bannon's design never ceases to amaze me. well...can i say more about this tee? let's just say i collect J. Bannon's artwork rather than Converge's tee. i mean c'mon! with a design like this is like you are buying an art. J. Bannon, M. Bukowsi, R. Eyestone, & D Quiggle are to name the few that i collect.

front design

back design
"Everybody, Everyone, Everywhere Pays Her Price"


sweet Panic t-shirt designed by Mike Bukowski!
it's old it's worn's still my favorite shirt. too bad the print is way too small for the size of the tee. but hey...i'm not complaining!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Magrudergrind "Zombie Bite" Indonesian tour

I know you want them!
Magrudergrind official Indonesia tour tee.
artwork was done by Deka

front design

back design

Ringworm "Jesus" they say that "this is your favorite band's favorite band!".
this is a really old Ringworm design, i've never seen it anywhere else. a really old tee i have and only cost me 5 thats what i called a bargain. love this t so much even if it's too big.
also the back design is awesome!

front design

back design

Loosers "Hardcore" Beasty Boys-rip off

Another Looserz collectibles that i got for free from Uncle G!
well...this design is quite nifty and i rather enjoy wearing it. really awesome!
i always enjoyed colored t-shirt than black t-shirt. don't really like shocking color though.
The back design is also awesome! probably the huge record label logo i've ever seen in band tees. Still Ill...i'm not sure whether it's used for modern slang terms or taken from The Smith's title. either way...all is still awesome.

front design

Back design

Relationshit! "Kikkin Ass Since 2002" Heresy rip-off

you can't go wrong with Heresy, so you wouldn't get wrong with this design!
awesome design craft! neat t-shirt especially knowing that it's a rare thing to have a local t-shirt with good brand tee (this one is ANVIL F.Y.I). awesome print, in which i might already guess that they printed this one at Gudang Ide. So one thing that makes this tee special for me because it is one of one color. this is the only dark grey tee with silver print...
In your face!

Monday, August 11, 2008

American Nightmare / Give Up The Ghost

Shit! this is like one of the oldest tee, funny how i manage to get this tee. i trade it with my friend for other of my crappy tee...
why did i say that this tee is old? cause the band still uses the name American Nightmare, and second my friend found this tee in a thrift shop. i like the design so much although it is pretty simple. i think the one who did the back design is Linas, the co-owner of Malfunction Record who also did a lot of artwork for bands, Pulling Teeth, Ceremony and American Nightmare are just to name the few bands he worked with.

front design

back design

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Looserz "Jakarta Hardcore"

A really old ones i have, i got this one passed down by a friend who received it from another friend who is also the former guitarist of the band. anyhoo...i'm not so sure but is this Madball's cover design? fuck it...i love this tee so much i rarely wear them cause i'm afraid that it might rip due to the thin fabric.

front design

back design

Ruiner "Asshole" Nirvana Rip-off

Well well...i got this from Rob, and i think this one is nifty cause the i didn't even would imagine that they would rip Nirvana's design off.