Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paper Gangster

this is an old Paper Gangster design (paper gangster is a local band here), where the old vocalist still alive, he actually print this shirt. but he passed away now so this shirt became a rarety.


Terror "Spit My Rage"

One of the first Terror tee that i have, i bought this from a friend, cause he got bored of Terror. it was an L size but funny enough it felt like an M size, i really like the fabric, it is really comfy.

Death Threat "Brotherhood"

I got this tee from my guitarist, he was about to sell it at merch store, i saw it and i took it and said "let me pay this me". so he did, but i don't think i manage to finish the payment though...haha


Parkway Drive

I got this t-shirt from my ex. it's cool that she bought this for me, i rarely use it though since it's Youth it is kind tight fitting, usually when i wear this i wear a shirt or flannel to conceal the tightness of the size...hahah

Outbreak "Repeat"

I have this t-shirt for such a long time ago, but honestly i never wear it even one, maybe because it is black or maybe because back then i'm still slim and wearing this makes me look like a rapper than a hardcore kid, i gotta start wearing this more i think. since i'm bigger now.



 You gotta love Slayer, Right? of course we do. this is a Slayer tour 2004 "Do You Want To Die"
but funny enough the front design is from Reign In Blood.


As we all know this is not a band t-shirt, The is D.A.R.E. t-shirt and i am lucky enough to get this one. a friend gave it to me, he has a thrift shop, i told him " if you manage to have a DARE t-shirt please let me know" so he went to his room and gave this too me, turns out this is his private collection.


Black Market Fetus

A underrated grindcore band which i love. this band is awesome they even messed up Project X song into a grindcore song. i bought this along with their cd.

Ramallah "Is this what Abraham really wanted?"

i don't know why, this shirt is simply one of the best shirt i have. i like the front design of the time bomb with 3 major religion symbol on it. and on it's back it says "Is This What ABRAHAM Really Wanted?". i don't know i figure this design is very cool.


Feeding The Fire

One was a straight edge hardcore band from The Netherlands. The band released a 7 inch titled ‘No Submission’ in 1993, a split 7 inch with Spawn on Crucial Response Records in 1994, and then a CD titled ‘Crusade’ in 1996. i got this later on around 2007 from my friend, he gave this as a gift.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Look Back And Laugh

i love Look Back And Laugh, they are pretty underrated band, but they kicked so many ass. Too bad i never heard anything from them anymore. Here's a story, couple of years ago Conquest for Death came over to did a show here in jakarta (they show was especially rad, one of the best show i've ever attended), Devon, the vocalist (who also once sing for What Happens Next?) approach me and told me "wow dude, i never thought that anybody here would ever know about Look Back And Laugh, i actually know them, and can i take a picture with you? i want to show them that someone actually knows LBAL". So he did take a picture of me and him and show it to the LBAL guys. Devon sent me an e-mail later on and said that they were pretty shocked that anyone knows about LBAL. a pretty cool least for me it is.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Comeback Kid "Wake The Dead"

One of the classic Comeback Kid t-shirt that i have, well honestly this one is the only one i have, the rest of their design sucks...sorry, except for Broadcasting.

Hang The Bastard "Simon and Garfunkle"

yeah finally i have Hang The Bastards shirt, they actually send me 3 shirts and 2 7". and this is one of them. This one is hillarious as it says They're On Pot. currently my favorite shirt


Tragedy "I'm Tired of Waiting for Nothing"

I'm glad i have Tragedy t-shirt, i know it's not anything special but at least i have one of their design. I'm actually looking for the Nerve Damage design and the Vengeance design. but we'll just have to see about that, would complete me if i can have two of those design.



 A Crusty D-beat band that i pick up a long time ago...really it's an awesome band, too bad i had to sell this due to lack of money for tour.


Death Before Dishonor

I bought this from my friend about 2 years ago and only have used it twice, i'm not a big fan of DBD anyway, so i sold it to my guitarist who likes this kinda music, i figured that he deserve to wear it than i do.


Cro-Mags "the Age of Quarrel"

One of the classic Cro-Mags design, i picked this up online, i forgot when though. well thats about it, i got nothing else to say...hahaha

Grave Dancers "Pedansa Kuburan"

i got this shirt from one of the members, i force him to give it to me and so he did, this shirt was actually the test print t-shirt, currently on that time they only made 4 t-shirt. A really good band, Thrash Hardcore Punk kinda like Holier Than Thou and A.N.S with Discharge influence in it.


Hammer Bros

A pretty underrated band if you ask me, they play something like Cro-Mags and they are pretty good, i bought this randomly when my friend offered me to order stuff online. i still have a several bucks left so i picked this, the package arrive and it has a copy of their cd. sweet deal.

Converge "Destroyer"

Probably this is the first Converge shirt that i have, i'm not sure who design it though, but it sure look neat to me. i got this a long time ago and the print has cracked a bit...shit.


Stretch Armstrong

i used to love Stretch Armstrong back then, but with times are changing, i get bored of them, somehow i just seem don't care about it anymore. Don't get me wrong they are a really awesome band and me and my band once covered their song. i don't know why i just seem not too care about them anymore...sorry :p

Walls Of Jericho

 i was never of a fan of Walls of Jericho, i picked this shirt because i love the design. i got this shirt for a long time, and now the print has cracked and shit.


Verse "From Anger And Rage"

Yet again, i kinda forgot where i get this shirt, i think i bought this at my friends store. This is by far my favorite Verse design, i don't know why. i rarely use this t-shirt though so it still in mint condition.

Pulling Teeth

This is the 2nd Pulling Teeth t-shirt that i have, it was sent to me a long with the Cherub longsleeve euro tour.
The story behind it was i offer my art to D, i finish it but never came contact anyone. couple of months after i sent the design, it was used for Euro tour poster and was printed as longsleeve. so i sent D another message about how i appreciate that they did actually use it for something, but i never got anything from it, turns out D forgot what my e-mail is and been waiting for me to send him my address...haha.
oh yeah this design is made by Nabbe the Bastard


I love Outbreak, and i love the design it was made by Mike Bukowski. too bad about this shirt i sold it because i needed money for tour. i sold it to my friend, he promised me that if he ever get bored with the shirt or needed money he is going to sell it back to me, Yeah he sold it alright....but not to me...such a prick!

Think I Care

this is THINK I CARE, i bought this from my friend along with several t-shirt that her offers.
really i don't know why, i got nothing much to say about weird


Heresy has always been my favorite ever since i heard about then the first time, it's fast and harsh and what not to love about then? i forgot where i picked up this shirt, maybe i found it a thrift shop here (thrift shop here in jakarta is always at a huge market, there are literally hundreds of stalls and most of them are 8 meters wide)

Cro-Mags "The End of the Quarrel"

You have got to love Cro-Mags, right...well it depends to certain people but i do certainly love Cro-Mags.
I picked this design because it is a Ramayana design and i kinda find it unique. i'm currently looking for the Narashima design (the lion eating a man). now that shit is cool



My D.S.13 shirt...this shirt is probably of of my favorite, i can put this one into my top 10. first it's because it's D.S.13, second it's because it was designed by Pushead, and 3rd i picked this up from my friend who needed money to enter a show so he sold me this for $7. sweet deal.
think i'm going to collect more pushead design from now on.

Honestly i don't even remember where i picked up this was a long time ago and back then Snapcase was one of my favorite band. i can consider myself to be lucky to still have this one, i guess.


Reach The Sky

Boston's finest band, i love this band ever since i know them a bootleg victory rec compilation, back in 1998. manage to buy yet another of their bootleg tape (apparently back in those year all you can receive is bootleg).
Oh funny enough, i found this shirt at a local thrift shop, it was dusty and dirty but hey it's a bargain.


Integrity Goat

This is probably the first Integrity shirt i have for such a long time
Back then i never had any chance on getting Integrity shirt, But now i have one and YAY!


The Oath

I picked up this shirt a long time age it's kinda worn out but it's still The Oath. i personally never saw anyone wearing this shirt here.So i guess i am a lucky guy



One of the several design of Carpathian when they came to jakarta
i didn't manage to see them, cause i was sick for like 3 months.
This shirt, i borrowed it from a friend and i don't have any intention of giving it back. but turns out my other friend who knows the owner of this shirt, force me to give it to him, he also have no intention of giving it back to the owner. Oh well, it's not my responsibility anyway now..haha