Saturday, January 30, 2010


ALLEGIANCE!! i love this band and too bad they broke up already, i bought this t-shirt from my foreign friend, he bought me a couple of shirts and this is one of them. i'm not sure what year it was though..but atleast i have them


One of my favorite band of all time...i bought this at a second hand thrift shop (am i using the correct term?) somewhere around 2006...and i only wear it once, it was too big for me, and i'm thinking of customizing it to fit me better.

THE SMITHS "How Soon Is Now?"

Who doesn't love the Smiths?! my world if you don't love the Smiths then you are pretty fucked in the head. Thats my opinion...
anyway i bought this randomly by the phone from my friend, i didn't know about this design, i didn't thought it would be the same as the record cover...but i was happy when i found out that it is :D.


Another old ones that i friend gave it to me in return of trading with the Ruiner ASSHOLE design...(no really, the design is really called Asshole).
anyway, it's kinda warn off but it is still wearable. I like DFL i think they are a pretty funny band :D


Metal Crusties from Jakarta.
By far this is probably one of the best local band there is in Jakarta, next to them, Grave Dancerz and Tersanjung 13.
The artwork on the back was done by Abud, while the goat logo was done by Revan Raja Singa and the design by Arifx333. though i don't really like the fabric since it is kinda slick but hey it'll get your body warmed up..


Never did like Hatebreed that much, though i hate their first edition "Under the Knife" 7", and hey i just love this design, it was designed by Dave Quiggle and this one is really dope!!
Don't really care about the band anyway, well i liked them once several years back.


Fire And Destruction

I bought this a long time ago and have only wear it like 3 times, i kinda believed that it is cursed...since everytime i wear this, bad luck just seems to follow me. Anyway, dope design though, and their music are more awesome than you think, Thrashy Metallic Punk...evil stuff i say. too bad this band broke up already.


this is the 2nd design i made for my favorite band.
D from Pulling Teeth asked me to make an artwork, i made this t-shirt while i was in tour with my band, took me a while to finish it cause i almost never had any time. but i manage to make it right anyway.
I receive this while i just got back from the hospital after my medical check up, my med result ended up really bad, and i was diagnose with severe lung infection, so the package containing this shirt and 5 other stuff really cheer me up. YAY!