Wednesday, July 15, 2009

HIGH ON FIRE "Death Is The Communion"

Quite happy today since i manage to found this t-shirt. I thought i lost it, or did i accidentally put it at my friend's house. I was disappointed when i couldn't find it.
But then again...i'm happy i found it. Anyhoo...i really really like how the print turn out. It's perfect just like the album cover. Though i'm not sure who designed it. But i like the design, the colors and composition looks real neat.

i suck at reviewing stuff...haha.


logo detail

back design

This design is really memorable to me. I was visiting my friend at the hospital and he saw my rat doodle and ask me if i can give him that design for t-shirt. I said yes, considering it as a "Get Well Soon" gift. So there it is...a custom handrawn new Firstnote Records logo, and a huge rat design on the back.
All are made in red, few in black (very limited).

Thursday, July 9, 2009


A really simple design and some how i like it a lot. kinda look like 90's grunge bootleg t-shirt.
Or kinda look like Morrissey t-shirt design...whichever fits.
Oh, almost forgot, The Jinxz plays noisy and sketchy 80's just like the sound of the 80's HC, they sometimes cover "My Rules" from VOID, and sometime they cover The Smiths's song.
really cool band!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

GRAVE MAKER "Place 2 Coins"

Really awesome longsleeve of Grave Maker, not sure about the title though. maybe i was wrong, but i heard that line from Grave Maker somewhere so i figure it fits!.
I actually receive this one, and also a t-shirt. But i sold the t-shirt...i was in need of a little cash.
But great design, isn't it? it was made by Ryan Eyestone (hopefully i spell his name right). He made series of design for ThinkFast Records also.

PS: sorry if the photo of the shirt is sloppy

ALL OUT WAR "Condemned To Suffer"

back design

All Out War, maybe the name was taken from Earth Crisis first EP. Well, don't really care that much anyway. All i know is that i like this band a lot!
the front design was designed by Dave Quiggle, And i always love his past arts.
while the back design looks really metal-ish!


Wow, look at the date it seems that i've been really doing slow on this page. Well, no wonder, i created this page only for fun. maybe, i'll put up other things rather than t-shirt, like flannel or what i like to wear, but...NAH. Think i'll just stick to t-shirt (and some hoodies and such Merchandise). Though i like buying records & cd's more than t-shirt.


Sunday, January 4, 2009


my long time best friend gave this t-shirt to me.
and i've been loving it ever since...

RUINER "Fancy Raven"

One of my favorite Ruiner t-shirt because i made this design.
looks nifty, aint it? i am really proud of this one project.
and also the fact that i love Raven / Crow so much.