Sunday, April 18, 2010

PELICAN - City Of Echoes

I purchase this one at a store...nothing special really. though i do remember that i bought this in half price...
oh well also to remind myself that this t-shirt is still at my friend's house. need to get it back cause i ran out of non-black t-shirt. i got bored at black t-shirt anyway. already start selling some of my collection.

A Thousand Punches - Sea Of Ruins

One of the designs i made for A Thousand Punches, if you notice the past post, it was called a thousand punch, now they change the name to A Thousand Punches due to grammar correction. So yeah, this is one of the newest design i made for them, the first ever design for new name A Thousand Punches. this one was still a test print, the lower part of the t-shirt are too low for the print thus making it look like it has been cut low and sewn up. i've been thinking about getting the better version of the t-shirt from the band though.

Notorious - Children Of The Cult

This is not a band merchandise! atleast to my thought...this should be.
this is from local clothing line called NOTORIOUS.
why i posted this? it's because i like the design, and i consider this one as a collection. once this one goes out, it will never get printed again...and only several of these were made. fuck it, it's my blog i can post anything i want anyway...haha

RUINER - Clint Eastwood...

Not sure if this is Clint Eastwood or not, but it sure does look like him.
I receive this t-shirt while they were touring to Indonesia, at the jakarta show.
i got this and other freebies from them as a down payment for creating another design for them...yay!!

Outbreak - We're Fucked

This is the first Outbreak t-shirt i've ever hold. i'm not sure when but was around 2005-ish. back then Outbreak weren't as hype as it is today. and it was really hard to get this one, since one one actually listens to outbreak or know outbreak back then. I manage to buy another same design of this t-shirt. but the thing is the newer version i bought doesn't have any white print in only uses black & red ink on grey shirt. i sold that version and kept this one. i looked everywhere and turns out that this design is pretty rare cause it's printed in 3 colors. hopefully i'm not mistaken about this :)

Ghaust - Falconimers

Jakarta's finest experimental band...i'm not good at describing genre. let's just say that if you like Jesu, Amebix, Bongzilla, Eye Hate Good & 65 Days Of Static, you might like this band. did i mentioned that i made the design? well whatever....
it was the first time i made any design for band in what i describe above, so i really have no clue on how to make it. Most of my designs are punk + hardcore +occult +zombie related...i made this design inspired by their song "At Sea (We Are Nothing)", and by their album theme. hand-drawn art, and copy paste to a full biggie about it. but turns out they love it. Cheers for me.

there's a hoodie design also, but i'll upload them later since i'm kinda lazy doing it now.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Updates Updates Updates

Fuck! three months without update...shit i gotta start putting up bunch of more of this t-shirts collection. Yeah took me long enough time to collect more t-shirt to upload anyway, haven't take those picture yet though. but i will soon enough.

Pulling Teeth - Martyr Immortal Euro Tour

I made this design way back then, i was sending message to Pulling Teeth and they asked me to make a design for them, i send them the design but never receive anything from was okay, i mean i didn't asked for anything in return anyway. I sent them a message again after i noticed that it was used for their Euro tour...Dom forgot about my email, then he asked me for my address. i receive this an another t-shirt. sweet deal...
after this, they asked me to do a couple of more design for them.


Hell yeah Infest...i used to have several Infest t-shirt but i sold them all due to (as always) financial problems. Later on after i was broke my friend sold this t-shirt, i decline it cause i was really really broke thus he sold it to his other friend. Long after that, my other friend who bought this t-shirt sold this to me. he never wore this one at all after buying yeah without hesitation i bought this one. I love this one because it's black on cream..i have a thing for earthly color


I got this from Dom while i was sick, such a nice guy. It really made my day receiving this. He sent me a whole bunch of t-shirt along with this. It was because i made a design for Pulling Teeth and he asked me whether i want cash or other thing else. So yeah i asked for couple of t-shirt, instead he sent me more than i expected. The zip up i have here is just awesome, not to mention i am the only person who has Pulling Teeth merchandise...i'm the only one and probably the only one who has more than 1. SUCK ON THAT HIPSTER!
sorry if i get cocky :D

Septic Death - Girl

I got this from David Royer (Everybody's Enemy - japan) for working on their t-shirt design.
i asked him to get this cause i want to have another Septic Death t-shirt, since the ones i have was already worn and i think i'm going to rip it if i wear it again even one more time.

Final Attack - Live

This is my band's tour t-shirt, it was when we were opening up for Have Heart in jakarta. these were sold out...and the t-shirt was supposed to be in either grey or broken white color...but the printer ran out on those colors, so instead he used black t-shirt. BAH...

Final Attack - Four Arm Menace

My friend made this design with my approval. i kinda like the design though too bad i ran out of it, again from trading...too bad too bad.

Looserz - Schism Judge Rip-off

Again from Looserz, this design is only for Firstnote Records members. only 24 were made...i'm the lucky 24, but my guitarist were even more luckier, he got the one and only black version of this design. they actually reprinted this one but in longsleeve version. The record owner asked me to upload the design online, and it was sold out in 5 hours after i put it online. 4 dozens in 5 thats really awesome.

Looserz - Jakarta Hardcore

front design

back design

I know i've said this before...this is jakarta's most finest hardcore band ever. They were always been associated with negativity but c'mon! they play great music, i love their attitude, a lot of people gave them too much bad misconception. i don't think they care though...well, not anymore because their vocalist passed away due to motorcycle accident. All hail jakarta's finest hardcore band.

Kids On The Move - XXX

I receive this t-shirt from their guitarist. and yeat from another trading session while we were on tour together. took me several seconds too notice the design though. but i choose this one over the other black design -
1. i have too many black t-shirt, and i'm not even a metalhead!
2. i'm not really into colorful ink, the black design had too many purple in it. but the design was okay though, it is the color range i had problem with.

A Thousand Punch - Tentacle

this was designed by Hirax's designer (bledart).
Another Youth Crew band hailing from Depok City, A THOUSAND PUNCHES Was formed in early 2005. This band was influenced by a lot of true hardcore bands such as Chain of strength, Gorilla biscuits, Side by side, Sick of it all, Bold, Youth of today, Project x, etc. Their musical concept that their tought were still Hc/Punks Rooted, but in the moment they playing straight forward modern
(too lazy to review the band, so i copy it from their myspace page)

check them out here

Kids On The Move - Changes

I got this by trading with my band's t-shirt the last day of the tour with them.
i love the design and the fabric, it is awesome, and the band are also awesome..
they play Verse, Ruiner and Chain Of Strength kinda stuff.
the artwork was made by Bill Hauser

A Thousand Punch - Bold rip-off

Have i mentioned this before that A Thousand Punches is my favorite local band? oh well, i'll do it anyway cause i need to describe this band. It's a local band from Depok city, playing stuff like Shai Hulud, Go It Alone, new Comeback Kid...they blend in parts in ways that probably only Shai Hulud can do, but their vocals are not as heavy as shai hulud. a great band.

i designed this rip-off version of the t-shirt, and asked them if i can get it in yellow t-shirt. turns out good though although yellow & green are not my colors, especially when both are in it. check them out here


i'm not sure what the title for this t-shirt is but i never had any Isis t-shirt so i think that i NEED TO GET THIS ONE. yeah i was short on cash so i asked my girlfriend if i can borrow her money and pay her back when we get back. She pitched in half of it only in several condition like she has to wear it first, and she'll give it to me when she got her self another Isis t-shirt. yup, i agree to that condition..

A Better Hope Foundation - Ben Davis

I picked this up in malaysia while i was touring with them. there are 3 different t-shirt color for this design, i picked up the blue one since it was the one with less quantity in that color. the most selling one was the cream colored, it was almost out of stock.
the vocalist gave me a whole bunch of t-shirt to me...

Final Attack - The Germs rip-off

front design

back design

Another of my band's t-shirt...i ripped off The Germs design. it's not an official t-shirt design, it's actually a show flyer for The Germs. but then again, i've seen several of the bootleg version of the design so i thought of making it to my band's design. Allegiance rip-off the design also (wish i can get that tee, too).

Anyway, the shirt was supposed to be only in white. But the record owner (who also does tee printing) gave me the baby blue version. i like it though, but i don't wear my own band's t-shirt...not that there is anything wrong with me it kinda felt awkward.

This Heart - Known Pleasure

This Heart, a heartfelt mellow hardcore band in the veins of Go It Alone, Verse, and some other stuff they blend into such as 80's Brit rock stuff.
i guess i don't have to explain who's design they ripped do i?

check them out

Outbreak - Mad Scientist

I forgot what the title i called for this shirt...
i bought this from my friend who also bought it from another of my friend. i had this for a while but then i sold it because i was in serious need of money for touring with my band, too bad the tour was canceled and i sold it already. THANKS A LOT wid!





I got this from Ryan ThinkFast!Records...
this is my royalty for several of stuff i made for ThinkFast!Records.
i'm not really sure about the band though, i mean i checked it out sevaral times, but nothing catches up. good band though...pissed off as shit.

Out Cold - No Eye Contact

I got this from their friend's...which is cool cause the t-shirt is pretty much D.I.Y hand printed...don't care if it is bootleg or what not.
in case any of you don't know who Out Cold is...check out this review from
Out Cold tears through three tunes in a quick flash image…Negative Approach, Final Conflict, and a dash of Discharge. These guys will have you shittin’ your pants so to speak. Here we are about to embark on a new millennium and these guys are going back in time.


i got this from my friend, the color of the t-shirt is kinda weird though, darkish dirty white, almost kinda grey but it's not. i got this while my band was opening up for Parkway Drive. Thought i'd get me some of Parkways Drive's merch, instead i receive this one...a hell of a great deal.

Ruiner - Ghost Ship

Nothing special about this one, i picked it up online when my friend was ordering stuff from B9 Records...i'm not really into B9 stuff, some of them are good though, only several 10 bands...but mostly i'm not really into it.

Ringworm - Justice Replaced By Revenge

I picked up this tee at bandung after watching Telefontelaviv two years ago. The show wasn't spectacular or anything, but it was good. The next morning before heading back to my hometown i checked out the local music shop and to my surprise i found this one...a hell of a cheap one also, only around $12, considering the other tees was around $ 18-22...i ended up nothing borrowing my friend's money cause i really REALLY need to have this one.


I picked this up while i was touring at Jogjakarta, i figured that i'd buy this one cause i never have any Terror t-shirt. i juggled between this or Outbreak tour t-shirt...and now i regret that i choose Terror over Outbreak.