Monday, November 24, 2008

Shelter "When 20 Summer Past Tour"

back design

One old t-shirt i have...
didn't manage to remember when i got this one.
well as you can see that this tee is really old, and worn out too.
I saw on that this design usually in white t-shirt.
glad that i manage to get this on orange color.

HORROR SHOW "Horror Show"

design detail

I always forgot that i have this t-shirt.
i got it around the year friend gave it to me.
i have never heard of the band anymore, have they disband?
anyway cool design, very simple and well splattered. i'm guessing that this is J. Bannon's design. i'm not really sure, i'm only guessing because most of the band that is in Deathwish Records earlier those years usually designed by J.Bannon.

I like Horror Show's music also...

RUINER "Letting Down Japan"

My favorite Ruiner t-shirt, Rob Ruiner sent this one for me along with 3 other shirt design (i made of the design) i always love Ruiner's concept for design and this one is especially the best one. the design was made based on their album cover, Raven...and lotsa them soaring in the night. but for this design they actually made the moon turned into the sun. as the aspect of the design is that the sun is the symbol for Japan. And it is safe to say that this concept is pretty simple but really great!

"Letting Down Japan July 4th - 13th July 2008"


SIX TWO FIVE records tee...
awesome collection, somehow i'm kinda proud having this one.
don't ask why, i'm still wondering why myself

ENDZWECK "Endzweck"

Manage to receive this one really cheap, i got it from a friend who did a split album with Endzweck, he plays guitar in a local band and sold this nifty tee to me cause he was in need of money for buying records. anyway, a plain t-shirt with worn out print.
i never wore this one anymore, i'm afraid it might tear.

LIMP WRIST "Americas Hardcore"

Need me to explain more about this?
well lets just say that i pretty much like this's very original and funny.
got a lot of people staring at me wearing this stuff...
a total head turner i might say.
need...more...LIMP WRIST...shirt

Saturday, November 22, 2008


i heard that this is one of the first and rarest t-shirt Municipal Waste ever had...
i got it sent for me along with their 1st tape demo...
ha!! this was way before they got big, long before Hazardous Mutation...
still like their song and the band up until now though

Killed In Action "Kraken"

I receive this t-shirt a long time ago.
Ohio's finest Thrash band...
this shirt is pretty much DIY, as the print are easily torn of...but still, i love tee so much


I got this one from my friend...
Converge's old design, see how the design are not quite "CONVERGE" at all..
collectibles for me, not to mention the sentimental values this tee have

Ensign "Never Give In, Never Back Down"

yet another Ensign t-shirt.
i really forgot how i manage to get this one though...
not really too keen on the design but hey it is still my private collection so i am not going to complain..haha

Ensign "Direction Of Things To Come"

Another old t-shirt i have...
Ensign "Direction of Things to Come"
the kinda nautical compass logo at the front
and live picture at the back.
a really old tee, see how the front is kinda worn out

ENSIGN "New Jersey Hardcore"

One of my Ensign t-shirt collection....
the design is pretty old and the ink print are almost worn too. first time i saw this design was on Edge Of The Quarrel movie...i kinda forgot though

ENSIGN "The Price Of Progression" tee

I rarely see anyone with Ensign tee anymore, and i still think that Ensign is a really awesome band...whatever happened to the band anyway? all i know is that the vocalist is now in Between The Wars.
anyhoo...i purchase this nifty from my guitarist when he went to Super Bowl Of Hardcore show somewhere back then when he was still living in the US. he sold it to me for a really cheap price...hahaha. i guess it is just my luck to receive this one

Friday, November 21, 2008

HERESY "Thanks!"

Heresy lp/10" cover design...
i got this from a friend where he ordered it somewhere on the web, and when the package came the tee was too small so he sold it to me, kinda thankful that i'm pretty much skinny to manage to fit this one

Slight Slapper

Too bad i gotta sold this one around a week ago.
the fabric of this tee is really think so i rarely use this one..
kinda like the simple design, and the print was really awesome, unlike some other DIY printing. this one really holds

Cripple Bastard "the feeling's not love"

Cripple Bastard t-shirt!
one of my oldest tee too...
again...thin fabric and it's kinda tore at the front.
i used to have an idea to collect their t-shirt but since it is kinda hard looking for this one so i only keep it in mind that maybe someday i will

Septic Death

Old Septic Death tee i have, shit this tee has been with me around 97-sih...thats 11 years of brutal worn out...the fabric is already thinning, a couple of hole due to the thinning. i don't have the guts to wear this one again. it has endure a hell of a lot mosh pit...
i don't need to tell you who design the artwork since we already know who usually design artwork for Septic Death