Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Look Back And Laugh

i love Look Back And Laugh, they are pretty underrated band, but they kicked so many ass. Too bad i never heard anything from them anymore. Here's a story, couple of years ago Conquest for Death came over to did a show here in jakarta (they show was especially rad, one of the best show i've ever attended), Devon, the vocalist (who also once sing for What Happens Next?) approach me and told me "wow dude, i never thought that anybody here would ever know about Look Back And Laugh, i actually know them, and can i take a picture with you? i want to show them that someone actually knows LBAL". So he did take a picture of me and him and show it to the LBAL guys. Devon sent me an e-mail later on and said that they were pretty shocked that anyone knows about LBAL. a pretty cool story...at least for me it is.


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